20 adorable pets were photoshopped by their talented owners. Now, they are not only adorable pets, but also delicious provisions. However, each pets have a message for you: Do not eat me, please!

1. “I prefered to be drowned in the hot chocolate cup.”

2. “Don’t put me on ketchup, please.”

3. “Powder sugar, powder me.”

4. “Ice-doggy.”

5. “Oven is hot, and I don’t like hot.”


6. “I am vegetarian too.”

7. “Cooky me and my dear friend.”

8. “Dalmatian choco-chips ice-cream. Yummy!”

9. “Points to consider: Ears!”

10. “I want to lick myself.”


11. “I’ve wrinkled much more before.”

12. “Black mulberry, black doggy.”

13. “I am a sleeper, not a dish.”

14. “First hotdog, then hamburger. Thanks human.”

15. “Butter me ma dear.”


16. “This kiddo gonna lick ma neckko.”

17. “I’m not a french dog. Let me go!”

18. “I would prefer to be a dragon fruit.”

19. “I still cannot catch ma tail.”


20. “Put a spoonful of wrinkle dog.”