Cats are great. Cats with Instagram accounts are also great. Here are some of our faves from the cute to the whacky!

1. The mustachiest cat around

2. This lovely account follows the story of kittens being fostered – from rescue to adoption

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3. This lil guy loves the beach!

4. Known as the ‘saddest cat on the internet’, this furry friend might look blue, but he is as happy as can be!

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5. This friend might have 2 faces, but it’s definitely not two-faced

6. Wanderlust? Meet Suki, the adventure cat

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7. Meet Maya. She might look a little different, but she has all the love to give!

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8. This hilarious account shows that cats aren’t always the most graceful creatures, nevertheless we still adore them.

9. Pudge, who’s name says it all.

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10. The life of a bunch of Oriental Shorthairs, aka the greyhounds of the cat world.

11. Nala will hypnotize you into giving her all the treats

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12. Oskar, who’s blindness doesn’t stop him from being a regular playful kitty

13. Last but not least – look at those eyes!

13 more reasons to smile!