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Dog Patiently Waits For His Favorite Toy During Wash Time

Everybody, meet Habs! Habs, meet everyone!

We heard about the story of Habs and his best friend and couldn’t help but share it with you. So, the story goes like this: Habs has a very good friend whom he doesn’t lose sight from. His friend happens to be a stuffed teddy bear. The teddy bear initially belonged to his owner, but not after Habs joined the family. Habs has created a very strong bond with this big teddy bear, to the point he can’t stand others picking it up. Eh, well… best friends! It doesn’t seem to be a toxic friendship, as the teddy bear seems okay with it.

So, this one day, the teddy bear had to get washed. Of course, Habs would follow him to the laundry room and stay with him throughout the entire washing journey. Through clean and dirt, through dry and wet, he was there. The owner claims he was so attentive during the whole process and wouldn’t leave the laundry room. He wanted to make sure the teddy bear was okay.

Luckily, the cycle was over and the two best friends soon reunited, but oh boy, Hob’s obsession continued.

That very day, just after midnight, Habs’ owner heard him scratching at the dryer door. “When I went in there, he was looking for his bear in the washer and dryer!” she said. Although the teddy bear was safe and sound in his room, apparently Habs had woken from a nightmare in which his bear was still in peril. It looks like the scary experience still lingered in Habs’ subconscious.

I walked him downstairs and showed him where his bear was, where he continued to lay down next to his bear

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Watch yourself this sweet doggo and his unconditional love for his best friend: