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German Shepherd Got Some Moves Along With His Favorite Song

One thing is to have a dog. Another thing is to have a dog with a music taste. An entirely other thing is to have a dog who has the same taste in music as you.

It looks like Stephanie Walton is lucky enough regarding this. She is the owner of a German Shepherd named Jaxson who has got the internet by storm with his moves. It looks like Jaxson knows how to distinguish good music. I mean, it’s a well-known fact that some pets, especially cats and dogs, enjoy listening to music. Therefore, Jaxson is not the first one who proves it. However, what’s special about him is the way he enjoys music. Everyone has their ways of enjoying and “performing” along with their favorite songs, it’s just Jaxson got our hearts with his cute movements.

In a video shared by Stephanie, Jaxson is seen enjoying his favorite song to the fullest. Can you guess which is his favorite tune? No, it’s not Who Let The Dogs Out?, nor Where Has My Little Dog Gone? It’s Low by Flo Rida. I know, right?!

The video which Stephanie shared, shows the two driving around and having fun in the car. The moment Low starts playing and the cute dog hears it, you can immediately notice his connection to the song. His ears seem to move along with the beat. No wonder the video has gone viral.

Because Jaxson is a real dancer and a performer in the making, he and his owner, Stephanie got invited to FOX’s Cause For Paws TV special in L.A. California. He was even nominated for a Golden Bone award in the Weirdest Dog Talent video category. He had a blast being part of all that together with other dogs who got to show their special skills to the whole world.

You can watch below the moment this adorable German Shepherd enjoys and ‘performs’ while the song is playing. Enjoy!