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Oh, Deer! Stunning White Reindeer Spotted In Oslo

While Hamlet goes "What a piece of work is a man", we can't help but marvel on the world of Awwnimals. Not only they are distinct from us, but they are different from one another, as well.

Our planet is home to a variety of unique creatures and each one exhibits truly remarkable features and behaviors. Being full of surprises, nature never fails to restore our faith in the impossible; from blue-footed booby and pigs in sheep’s clothing to white reindeers, the list’s end is quite far to see. Let’s stop at white reindeers. If you have never seen one, get ready to be astonished by this beautiful creature.

One of the lucky persons who got the chance to see a white reindeer was the wildlife photographer, Mads Nordsveen. What sounds like a whimsical Christmas tale, actually happened in Oslo, Norway as this photographer was looking for some nice landscapes to capture.

Recalling the moment, the 24-year-old photographer said:

I was walking in the mountains looking for nice landscapes for my travel photography when out of nowhere I saw this adorable animal.

It looks like the white wintery background nearly camouflaged the cute reindeer!

According to the photographer, this adorable reindeer didn’t make any attempt to hide. He even ‘posed’ for some pictures. Aww!

The reindeer came close to Mads and they looked at each other straight in the eyes. But, a few minutes after,  the mother of the white deer came out of trees just behind.

He said:

It walked around for some minutes before running back to its mother. It was very magical and a fairy tale moment.

Now, talking facts, most people may refer to white reindeers as “albinos”. While they can be albinos, it’s an exceedingly rare condition. Albinos have red or pink eyes but the deer have dark eyes and their antlers might have pigmentation. The recessive genetic trait which is found in about one percent of all white-tails is called leucism and call be found in nearly all mammals.

Whatever the case may be with this lovely reindeer, “Maybe one day we’ll meet again,” is how Mads ends this heartwarming story.