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Rescued Fox Becomes Best Friends With A Dog

Unlikely animal pairs romping with each other have always been a head-turner. They have even piqued the interest of some scientists and many researchers who say, the alliances could add to an understanding of what propels certain animals to connect and communicatee across species lines.

One of the latest examples of such a unique connection is the friendship between a fox and an Australian Shepherd mix.

It all started when the cordial and cheerful fox, Juniper was rescued from a fur farmer and had her life spared. She was only a few weeks old and since then, Juniper has been raised by Jessika Coker, a Florida resident who lives in the Panhandle region. Other members of Juniper’s animal family include Moose, the Australian Shepherd mix we mentioned before, another fox named Fig, two Sugar Gliders named Petunia and Peach and a few reptiles.

You might think Juniper naturally gravitates to Fig, the other fox. But, you would be wrong if you’d think so! Ever since this adorable fox was a small kit, she has had a strong bond with Moose, the dog. How adorable is that?

They are always side by side. They sleep, eat and play with each other all day and night. It looks like Juniper is so focused to get as much of Moose’s attention as possible. On the other hand, Moose since the very first day Juniper joined their family, took the role of a guardian.

This adorable fox has an infectious mood! But, Moose doesn’t seem to be bothered. You can see that royal look on Moose’s face while Juniper lies on the floor all smiles like a spoiled kiddo. They might be different and often have disagreements, but opposite poles do attract, right?

Both the fox, Juniper and her best friend, Moose had a rough start. We are so happy they were rescued and found each other.

They are the best example of connecting across boundaries and differences and proof that anybody can get along if they really put their minds to it.