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Adorable Baby Foxes Visit A Grandma’s Porch

All you need is a porch, a wooded area, and a bit of luck to wake up to adorable animals right at your window.

A woman in Illinois seems to have had three of them. Living in a wooded area, it’s very common for her to encounter different animals. But, she had never experienced something like this before. One morning, she woke up to find adorable baby foxes playing on her porch. It looks like these baby foxes don’t know the definition of personal space. Don’t believe me, just watch

Foxes generally avoid people, but the lure of easy food, such as pet food or unsecured garbage, can result in sudden backyard visits. What’s important to know is that the risk of foxes is very low. They usually tend to escape when they see humans. Nevertheless, it looks like these baby foxes are super friendly.

Some pictures of them went viral on social media after being shared with netizens. At first, only a cub came for a visit on a spring morning. He ran up to the sliding glass door and licked it. It’s simply so heart-melting!

But, the visiting hours weren’t over yet. After noticing he is actually welcomed, the next day he brought his brother. Since then, they kept coming to their favorite playground. The mother Fox was watching over them from the bushes.

After seeing the heartwarming photos, users of Reddit loved the baby fox saga. Many came with hilarious responses to the cute pictures, with one saying:

All grandma needs now is a neighbor with a bloodhound puppy and we have the makings of a great movie.

Even after some time, people wanted to know about the sequel of the story. A Redditor even asked the woman’s grandson, Vechrotex, in mid-June 2019, for another update on the kits. According to Vechrotex, the foxes were spotted in the woods. Since they are a bit older now, they have begun hunting on their own. They’re not the same baby foxes anymore. *sheds a tear* They also haven’t been spending much time on the porch, but he hopes they will visit again!