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WARNING: The following content contains images that will make you smile so reader discretion advised!

They have been around longer than us and we happily share planet Earth with them. Who, I hear you ask, are ‘they’? Animals. These great companions have a magical way of being adorable without even trying. No wonder serotonin levels are at their peak when animals are around (except when there is a lion running after you).

When talking about serotonin and happiness, don’t you ever wonder what makes animals happy? Have they found the secret to happiness yet? Well, may I present to you quokkas, the so-called ‘happiest animals on earth’! It looks like they know something we don’t. Or, maybe they’re just planning to take over the world. Who knows! Nevertheless, frankly speaking, this adorable species, which may be fairly unknown to most of you, deserves all the attention.

Photo Credit: Christine Mendoza on Unsplash

Even National Geographic has deemed them as ‘World’s Happiest Animal’, therefore, take note, guys!

Their expression makes them irresistibly cute, as they appear to be perpetually smiling.

But, what are quokkas really? They were originally discovered in the 17th century by Dutch explorers, whose first assumption about their species was ‘large rats’. Like other marsupials in the macropod family, quokkas are herbivorous and mainly nocturnal. They are native to southwestern Australia and no, you can’t keep one as a pet. Nor, touch them. Rottnest Island authorities will slap a $300 fine if you touch a quokka. These adorable marsupials are protected by the World Wildlife Foundation, which maintains and controls their current habitat.

When it comes to their babies, just like kangaroos, they carry them in their pouch. One thing that might bring your smile upside down, is that sometimes when they are being threatened, they might throw their babies as a distraction. Not good, quokka, not good!

Nevertheless, the photogenic expression of these pretty friendly little animals may infect you – with a contagious never-ending smile. *wink, wink*

As they have become now something of a tourist attraction, you can meet one on Rottnest Island. Good luck!

Photo Credit: Mark Stoop on Unsplash