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So Many People Are Scared Of These Critters, But They’re Actually Really Cute

Bats have historically been seen as a symbol of death, but they’re actually so helpful to our eco-system, plus they’re super adorable. Here are some posts that prove their cuteness! PS – you might need to turn your screen upside down!

1. This pale cutie

2. This sweety eating a watermelon

3. Yaaaawn

4. Ready for a nap

5. Mmmm fruit

6. Smol angry beans

7. Eye see you

8. Pocketful of cuteness

9. A cuddle puddle

10. Chubby cheeks

11. Tiny baby

12. Mlem

13. Bottle time

One of the orphans in care at the moment

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14. Look at that pink snoot

15. Delicious banan

16. He screm

17. Bug eyed

18. Mom and baby

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